We deliver premium research into on and off-field aspects of rugby union and other sports.  Our geographic focus is on Europe.

Our goal is simple: we aim to deliver genuine empirical research insight to our clients.  We strive to deliver scientifically robust output, presented in a form that is understandable by client organisations  (all too often a limitation of quantitative type research work).

Our background is in economics / econometrics.  (Note: to avoid possible confusion, our core activity is research, we analyse data using statistical software, but we are NOT an IT company).

Our method is straightforward.  We start with an research question, normally about an aspect of sport where current knowledge is incomplete.  Then we develop ideas, theories and hypotheses about the area.  Then we test those ideas using empirical techniques (statistical methods) on data relevant to the underlying problem.  This is the feature that distinguishes this type of research – it goes beyond pure opinion or conjecture.  The goal is to deliver statistically robust findings.

We are a campus spin-off from academic economic / econometric research at a European University.  To our knowledge, our project titled, ‘Who has won Rugby World Cups, and Why?’, was the first specific research of its kind in the world.

We are generally interested in all aspects of the economic / empirical analysis of sports, with a particular focus on rugby union.

We can provide commercial research essentially to any private client interested in a rigorous scientific approach to the business of sport, both off and on the field.

We have also undertaken private speaking engagements to corporate audiences

Our blog empiricalrugby.com provides a flavour of the type of research we can undertake.

Our founder, Brian O’Rourke’s LinkedIn profile is here

If you have a specific topic or question you would like to ask us, please feel free to contact us by email: empiricalrugby@gmail.com


Legal disclaimer: the analysis presented in this site is produced for discussion purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose.  The site in no way guarantees the reliablity, completeness or accuracy of any of the content herein.

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