Rugby’s neat side-step

One of the interesting features of RWC from a commercial perspective (remember the background to this blog is in economics / econometrics) is its timing in the cycle of major international sporting events.

It is neatly timed to avoid potential scheduling congestion, particularly with the two global mega sporting events: the Summer Olympics and FIFA World Cup. See the table below (list its not exhaustive).

We do not give an indication of scale in the table, as there is simply no perfect science about this available to us.  Which is the fourth biggest international event after the Summer Olympics / FIFA / Winter Olympics ?  It depends very much on the metric used. For example, golf courses by definition are naturally constrained to around 20,000 spectators per day. Wembley Stadium can hold approximately 90,000 spectators.  Are broadcasting figures a better indication etc. ?  In the current era, what about social media figures ?

For information, World Rugby’s most recent update on its figures for RWC 2015 is here .

Event Venue Year Sport
Summer Olympics London 2012 All
Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Winter
FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Football
Ryder Cup Gleneagles 2014 Golf
Rugby World Cup England 2015 Rugby Union
IAAF World Champ. Beijing 2015 Athletics
UEFA Euro Champ. France 2016 Football
Summer Olympics Rio 2016 All
Ryder Cup Hazeltine, USA 2016 Golf
Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2018 Winter
FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Football
Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 Rugby Union

Sources: websites of organising federations e.g. FIFA, World Rugby…(list not exhaustive)

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