RWC 2015 – appears no dramatic change in international player flows

Early analysis indicates that there has not been a dramatic increase in player migratory patterns in RWC 2015.

In RWC 2015, the tournament began with 20 squads of 31 = 620 players maximum. According to research by Americas Rugby News , 126 of those players are playing for a country outside their place of birth (that would be 20.4%).  According to this research by NZ academic geographers (Overton et al), in RWC 2011, the equivalent figure was 113 players, of a total of 611 registered players, or 18.5%.

Bear in mind that these data are somewhat crude.  The headline data, for example, include players who were born whilst their parents were temporarily resident abroad.  It also includes flows within the UK e.g. players of Welsh descent brought up in England etc.

We will post more on this in due course.

Importantly, the above of course implies that the vast majority, i.e. in the order of 80% of squad members in RWC, play for their country of birth.  This underpins the logic of our core research argument, i.e. that national fundamentals matter – of course not exclusively – in terms of success in RWC.

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