Getting ready for Ireland vs Romania?

Ireland is resting a number of front-liners, so the headline gap in world rankings may be less relevant later today at Wembley (Ireland 5 vs Romania 17).

Ireland has a much smaller population than Romania, but almost 13 times the playing pool to draw on.

One unique feature: Romania has the highest proportion of arable land mass of any country in RWC 2015 (recall, in general, the close association historically between rugby and agriculture).

Ireland Romania
GDP per Capita 47539,40 5793,43
Population (mms) 6,28 20,15
Arable land % 15,42 39,08
Registered players 96880 7605
World Ranking (pre-RWC 2015) 6 17
World Ranking (current) 5 17
Affiliated players / total population % 1,54% 0,04%
Sources: World Bank, World Rugby, own calculations
Note: GDP per capita shown in constant 2005 USD.

Population definition is geographic.

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