NZL vs NAM: is there a better way ?

No disrespect intended – the opposite in fact.

World no 1 versus no 20. We just wonder if there may be a better way of helping to develop rugby in Namibia ?

NZL has double the population and 12 times the rugby playing pool to draw on.  The only similarity is in Arable land mass at around 1 – 2 % each. 65% of Namibian territory, however, is tropical, compared to 0% in NZL, in a sport that is better suited to temperate climates. See table below.

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New Zealand Namibia
GDP per Capita (USD 2005) 28258,1 4288,6
Population (mms) 4,4 2,2
Arable land % 1,8 1,0
Registered players 148483 11850
World Ranking 1 20
Affiliated players / total population % 3,39% 0,53%
Sources: World Bank, World Rugby, own calculations

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