Welsh rugby tradition vs Uruguayan adventure

An interesting example of the power of tradition.

Both have almost equivalent total populations, but Wales has 12 times the playing population from which to draw playing talent.

Wales has 2 percentage points higher ratio of Affiliated Players / Total Population.

So with a long tradition of playing the game, World Ranked 5 meets 19.

Wales Uruguay
GDP per Capita (USD 2005) 39808,69 7208,74
Population (mms) 3,10 3,38
Arable land % 25,06 10,10
Registered players 73444 6069
World Ranking 5 19
Affiliated players / total population % 2,37% 0,18%
Sources: World Bank, World Rugby, own calculations

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Empirical Rugby

Empirical Rugby is a blog that provides fundmental insight into rugby union using empirical analysis of rugby data.

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