Tonga vs Georgia: Tropics meet the Black Sea

An interesting contest between two of the smaller nations.

Similar national income (GDP per capita), although Tonga has the smallest population in RWC at just over 100,000 inhabitants.

Similarly to Eng vs Fiji, a temperate European nation meets a Southern Hemisphere tropic.

Tonga has the highest ratio of Registered Players to Total Population in the tournament.

Tonga Georgia
GDP per Capita (USD 2005) 2572 1970
Population (mms) 0,10 4,48
Arable land % 22,22 5,79
Registered players 13968 7113
World Ranking 11 16
Affiliated players / total population % 13,4% 0,2%
Sources: World Bank, ONS, World Rugby, own calculations

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Empirical Rugby is a blog that provides fundmental insight into rugby union using empirical analysis of rugby data.

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