Temperate England vs Tropical Fiji

Some national fundamentals before tonight’s game.

Tropical Fiji versus Temperate England.

Fiji has the third highest ratio of Registered Players to Total Population in RWC 2015.

England has 62.6 times the population of Fiji.

England Fiji   England to Fiji ratio
GDP per Capita (USD 2005) 39809 3686 10,8
Population (mms) 54,3 0,87 62,6
Arable Land % 25,1 9,0 2,8
Land in Tropics %  0 100  0
Registered players 340347 65980 5,2
World Ranking 4 9
Registered players / total population % 0,63 7,60 0,1
Sources: World Bank, ONS, World Rugby, own calculations

Note: in some cases UK averages have been used.

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Empirical Rugby

Empirical Rugby is a blog that provides fundmental insight into rugby union using empirical analysis of rugby data.

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