Past RWCs: success is part-explainable (empirically)

To summarise (the detail is in earlier posts).

When we looked at all of the past RWCs since 1987, we found that:

  1. National history and geographic characteristics partly explain success (if skeptical, can you think of a land-locked country that has done well in RWC ?)
  2. Tradition (as measured by number of years playing the game) really matters
  3. National income (measured by GDP per capita) did not matter, and total population size had a negative effect (makes sense, rugby is not that strong in very large countries).

What does this mean ? To an extent it means that there is pre-determination due to natural effects in RWCs.

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Empirical Rugby

Empirical Rugby is a blog that provides fundmental insight into rugby union using empirical analysis of rugby data.

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